Customer Comments

Hey guys, I micro trench with these blades exclusively at this point. Chuck is getting these blades closer and closer to the best performing blades I’ve used and obviously the best price. The last blade I bought is performing exceptionally well. I think the soldering processes have been revised. I’m about 8k feet into this blade and haven’t lost any PDC or carbide bits yet which is unexpected and outstanding. Also I’m starting to believe the angle of the segment does indeed make a difference in trench clean out. I have discontinued the use of compressed air behind the saw as I no longer need that added help to get a clean trench

Ben Austin

Fox Fiber

Blades are 200% to 1000% better than the OEM (DW).
Zero issues
Byorn Wysocki

CEO Wtechlink Inc

A common story from our customers is that some other vendor brought them a blade to try.  They try it for a few hundred feet or a half day and the saw operator demands to have our blade put back on.  The issue is always the same – how slow the other guys are.  I have heard this dozens of times but it always puts a smile on my face.

Chuck McCown, McCown Technology

We use the MTC blades exclusively for our microtrenching crews. I have tried them all – the “new” companies, the Ditch Witch factory blades, none of them will give you the low cost per foot as the MTC blade. Chuck continually improves the blade and they are lasting longer than ever. They cut clean and fast, and last. What more can you ask for? And you sure can’t beat the price. Semisi Heimuli, Firm Foundation
Semisi Heimuli

Firm Foundation

Half the price of Ditch Witch and they last three times as long. Made a huge improvement to my bottom line.
Mont Bangerter

RR Fiber Builders

Greetings to all, we are very happy and satisfied with the purchase of the disc from the MC COWN company, since we are almost at 17,000 cutting feet and I can assure you that the disc is at 80% life and we have found cement with a rod of more than 1/2 inch blue stone and we have found manjoles and we have impacted them and the disc has responded excellently and also that we have given it sharp curves at times and it works very well I am not telling you to do them I am just sharing my experience with the product that is of a quality incomparable with the others Chuck McCown Thanks!!!

Santiago Tony

Manager, Lineas de PR

“and at the price point of your teeth, we can replace all teeth on a blade almost 3 times before reaching the cost of replacing DW teeth once.”
Jordan Becker

B&B Drilling

20,000+ feet in large rocks and the blade will do another 20,000 feet with some touch up. But hear him say it:
Ben Austin

See what Francisco has to say about these blades:
Francisco Hernandez

GQ Installations

I have spoken to Santiago and to everyone who asks me about the [blade] that you make and no one believed what you guaranteed me for the [blade].  With the first disc I cut almost 23,000 feet without any maintenance and now everyone wants a disc from you.


Carlos Daniel Rosario Ortiz

Lineas de Puerto Rico